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Hey guys, Cuda here. I'm planning on trying out Kayak fishing. And I want to know just about everything that there is to know.

-I'm planning on being in the santa rosa sound mainly just fishing for trout and reds. Which kayak should I get? under $1000 dollars if you can. I might also go out into the ocean every month or so fishing for kings and spanish and mahi-mahi and what ever else bites. I'm about 80 lb, (I'm 13 years old) but my grandfather and uncle are about around the 200-275 lb range. They will be with me on a different yak when I go.

- Any add-ons that I should get for my kayak? Livewell, cooler, etc.

-What are some good rigs/setups for the following?
-king mackerel
-spanish mackerel
-Blackfin Tuna
-Small/medium size Cobia
-Where online can I go to find some good wreck locations?

Thank you so much guys for the help in advance. Tight lines, and maybe I'll see you out there some day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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