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Roofing tin 3'x 10' eight pieces

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There are 8 sheets.
36" wide coverage x 120" long
galvalume (galvanized) 29ga steel.
Go to my photo albums here on pff for three pics.
Or maybe this link will work:

They are not perfect but not too bad. No screw holes as plans have changed. But there are blem spots due to being stored outside and stacked together. Most of the dark spots are dirt and leaf stains that rubs off with a towel.
Pressure washing them off would likely get better results.
If you can put these sheets on the blind side of building, that would maybe work too.

I see these panels are $3.15 per foot at Lowe's.
I will sell them for $1.75 per foot or $140 picked up at my house near Hwy 98 and Dog Track Road in P'cola.

my cell is 850-332-8606

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Tried to PM but it didn't go through. My float builder already made other plans. This is a good deal for someone.
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