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iv got a"fixed up"mittchell 302 with manual pick-up, penn 155 fiber washer and clicker, w/ a 488 high speed handle and side plate on it. 60$ OBO.

iv also got a 9' All Star Rod blank(glass) custom wrapped with USA stainless wire guides, and fuji reel seat, its a stout rod good for throwin hardtailsoff the pierfor kings. has some worn parts on the butt ill let it go for 60$

or buy it and the mitchell 302as acombo for 100$

not done yet

i also have another All Star Rod (graphite) same color blank and wrapping as the glass rod ^, its 9'6" with USA Stainless wire guides and fuji reel seet w/ split rod butt has no flex coat but its painted and has 1 or 2 scrathes, its got a pier bend to it so its limber at the end and good for slingin ling jigs but also has enough backbone to land afish ofsubstantial size. 50$ OBO

i also have a ew boat rods for sale a penn long beach 6'(20$) and a penn 6' special with wood rod butt and 4/o senator (30$)

oh and i have a mitchell 488 broken but can be used for parts ill let it go for anyone who wants it

PM me and ill send you pics

and/or b/c i hardly ever get on here anymore, the quickestway tocontact mewould be email[email protected]and/or Phone: 850 712 4990
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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