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Daiwa BG90 on 7' Offshore Angler Ocean Master Rod. $90 (Rod is in perfect condition, costs $120 Brand New. Reel is in good condition, no problems with it at all Costs $100 Brand New.)

Penn 550SSG/8'6" Offshore Angler Rod: Both are 3 years old but have used it only a few times for surf fishing. Both are in great condition. $90 (Brand New Price, Rod: $100, Reel $100)

Penn Slammer 360/7'6" Offshore Angler Rod: around 4 years old but in good shape. I have used it recently and landed a few big reds with it, no problems. $75 (Brand New, Rod $100, Reel $140)

Shimano Symmetre on 7' St. Croix (2 piece). Reel is less than a year old and in great shape. Rod is around 2 years old and in great shape. $90 (Brand New, Rod $100, Reel $100)
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