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Years ago, when my dad retired from the Navy he went to work for the EscambiaCounty RoadDepartment /Prison camp as a heavy equipment mechanic and road foreman. They bought some old boat, a mine sweeper I think, from south Florida. They had a tire splitting maching and a lot of other equipment with the intentions of making artifical reefs. The plan, ifI remember correctly was to split the tires, string them up on a cable with a piece of pipe on each end. Then deploy them, drive the pipe into the bottom and set off a charge of some sort inside to bannna peel the pipe thus securring it to the bottom. They wanted him to go down and look at the boat, ship before they bought it but hesaid no thanksand as he suspected the boat, ship, was a bucket of junk. Typical of the County government even+/- 30 years ago.He refused to work on it. If I'm not mistaken they actually deployed some of these reefs. Does anyone know anything about this attempt at reef building?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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