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RFRA Results

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Now, on some of the aggregates -- king at least, there was just one fish weighed. That doesn't disqualify you, just means that better be a pretty solid fish or someone with two schoolies will beat you.


Open division ? 20 boats entered

Snapper Aggregate (4 fish)
Aufishtic 80.19
Chello 71.6
Team Spear-it 42.3
Largest Snapper
Aufishtic 267.

Grouper Agg (2 fish)
Chello 43.2
Entertainer 42.7
Ricky Jones 12.9
Largest Grouper
Chello 31.4

Trigger single fish
Entertainer 9.1
Aufishtic 8.1
Chello 4.5

King Aggregate (2 fish)
Clay Peacher 37
Brad Shults 31.1
Mike Choron 25.1
Largest King
Brad Shults 31.1

Amberjack single fish
Chello 45.1
Entertainer 38.8
Clay Peacher 25.1

Ladies single largest fish
Lynn Bowman 14.9 amberjack

Grand Slam Champion ? one snapper, grouper, trigger, king and amberjack caught during final two days of tournament
Chello 107.7

Spearfishing Division
Richard Adams 25.8
Chris Wilson 19.1
Kevin Trussler 11.9
Kevin Trussler 3.4

Kevin Trussler 22.0
Chris Raasch 19.1
Chris Wilson 16.1

T.K.O. (Take a kid Out) Junior Division
Aulbre Sphaler 8.9
Zack Redman 8.2
Brent Bowman 2.98

Brent Bowman 5.6

Kayla Miller 3.9
Aulbre Spahler 3.6
Rachel Miller 3.4

Zack Redman 19.1

Zack Redman 17.4
Brent Bowman 15.44

Junior Heavyweight Champion (largest fish weighed by a junior)
Zack Redman 19.1 king

Gulf Coast Master Caster
1st: Clinton Arnold
2nd: Ernie Cavitt
3rd: Travis Gill
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Great job on the tournament guys. I know that was alot of hard work and planning. Certainly some diehards out there with the conditions we had last week. Great to see some fish off the RFRA deployed reefs. Thumbs Up to you! SHB
Great tournament guys. I took my daughter down there on Sunday. She was the 3 1/2 blonde dancing to the live band makin a mess with her snow cone. We had a blast. We'll see you next year for sure, except it will be from the water side of the fence!!! Keep up the great work.
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