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Bought this 870 about a month ago fired about half a case through it w/o one problem. It is the Express model shooting up to 3" shells with a 28" barrel. Bought this gun new at Academy for a little over 260$. I've decided on dropping some cash on a o/u and need to sell this gun.

Anybody who knows me knows how much joy(sick, I know:blush:) i get out of taking meticulous care for my boat and fly rod collection, guns are no different. This gun has never not had a coat of oil in and on it. I broke down and cleaned every groove of this gun directly after use and has had snap caps in unless loaded or in use. It is kept in a felt lined scabbard when not in my hands!

The box is included as well as 3 choke tubes M,F,IC as well as choke tube wrench, shotgun plug and gun-lock with key.

All together worth over 300$

hate to sell the first gun I ever bought myself but need the cash!

Do not have a picture but they are all over the internet!

thanks for looking,

I can be reached at 850 723 7251...leave me a message if i do not answer
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