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Reels for Kings/Sailfish, etc

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I am new to saltwater fishing this year. I mainly fish inshore around Ono Island. My salt arsenal includes

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Baitcaster
Penn Fierce 4000 Spinning
Penn Sargus 4000 Spinning

These are perfect for inshore.

I have started trolling off the beach for bigger fish. Right now I am using an older Abu Garcia Ambassaduer with the bait alert and an Ugly Stik Catfish rod.

As far as Penn goes, what kind of rod and reels do I need to target the bigger offshore fish? Spinfisher V 6500 with 300 yards of 50 lb braid? Also what length rod is best to match with a Spinfisher V? Which Penn baitcasters have a bait alert for trolling?
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I have quite a few setups that I use for Kings. Most of the time I use my Penn 550ssg (2 of them) with 30lb power pro tied straight to a stinger or duster rig. Have caught all of my Kings and Spanish with them and the fact they are graphite means less susceptibility to corrosion. One is on an All Star Snook rod and the other is on an Ugly Stick MH 6'6 rod. The last time out the Kings damn near spooled me twice and one broke off after I was almost spooled so I decided to step things up for more drag and line capacity and bought a Diawa saltist 4500h and a Penn Torque 5 to better handle the bigger Kings and bottom fish. Both are loaded with 50lb braid and mono top shots. When you come down and if we get together and go off the Key, I have an older Penn 750ss made in USA with an ugly stick and loaded with 20lb mono you can try if you like. Rarely use it so it just sits in the corner.
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