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Reels for Kings/Sailfish, etc

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I am new to saltwater fishing this year. I mainly fish inshore around Ono Island. My salt arsenal includes

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Baitcaster
Penn Fierce 4000 Spinning
Penn Sargus 4000 Spinning

These are perfect for inshore.

I have started trolling off the beach for bigger fish. Right now I am using an older Abu Garcia Ambassaduer with the bait alert and an Ugly Stik Catfish rod.

As far as Penn goes, what kind of rod and reels do I need to target the bigger offshore fish? Spinfisher V 6500 with 300 yards of 50 lb braid? Also what length rod is best to match with a Spinfisher V? Which Penn baitcasters have a bait alert for trolling?
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For trolling the beach for kings I there are a variety of reels you could use. If you want to use braid, it will allow you to use smaller reels because of the line capacity but for trolling and live baiting my preference is mono. You could also use braid backing with a mono topshot if you wanted the extra line capacity. Penn 4/0- 6/0 senator's are ok and are fairly versatile. If you like spinning outfits shimano baitrunners or spheros are great offshore spinning reels. The baitrunner is designed for live bait fishing. Just match whatever rod you end up using to the size of line you plan to use and make sure they have some backbone to them.

To directly answer your questions, a spinfisher 6500 w 300 yds of braid will tame about anything you will encounter nearshore. For rod length you need to decide what you will be doing most with it. If you plan on casting a longer rod, 6' plus is better. Jigging and trolling you don't need that extra length. All Penn cnventional reels have a clicker or "bait alert".
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