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Discussion Starter · #1 · saw a beautiful sunrise and nice cool temperatures. It also saw Mr. Kyle put a whooping on some white trout.

Here is kyle with the first of many white trout today...

Kyle must have caught 25 or so today. He used a 1/4 oz jig head skirted up with a new penny 3" berkley gulp. Kyle worked it very slow along the bottom in 15' of water until he felt a strike when he then proceeded to jack the fishes jaw!

We also tried the reds in the pass with no luck. Saw plenty of dead bait and also saw plenty of LIVE ladyfish in the pass...this is GOOD!

No coughing or sneezing or icy eyes.

Lot of freshwater discoloring the bay and lagoon.

Until out next fishing adventure...tight lines!

God Bless
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