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I donated a charter to the Fort Walton Beach Sailfish club that was auctioned off as one of the prizes at their annual offshore tournament banquet. We ran the trip yesterday and had a great time. We left Two George's Marina in Shalimar at 6:30, grabbed some bait from Livebait channel 80 and headed southeast. A couple of times on the way out we saw fish busting on the surface but both times we investigated they vanished. Were hoping for some blackfins.

We had a young man onboard, Wesley age 12, that had never caught a grouper. Well, we lost count of how many he caught yesterday! His third fish was the nice gag he came home with. His fifth was a huge red grouper that the tax man took most of on the way up. Wesley's dad Eric caught the biggest red grouper of the day.

We caught a ton of red grouper that were 1/2 in to an inch short. Steve hooked into a big grouper and somehow broke his Star rod in the middle of the butt section. Lost the fish. Two drops later he hooks into a big fish with a borrowed rod. This fish took off peeling drag. We followed with the boat, gaining line several times but in the end the fish broke us off. Didn't feel or fight like a shark so we are guessing a goliath or big warsaw.

Wound up with a very nice box of red groupers, a gag grouper and some stud white snappers. Great day on the water!


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