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Reds In the Passes Question

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My buddy and I are planning a trip to either Pensacola Pass or Alabama Point. I read the posts on red tide, but didn't get too much info. Has anyone been targeting redfish around the old Pickens Pier, or in Pensacola Pass? Same question for Alabama Point...


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I haven't been in over 2 weeks but last time we were fishing in those areas(pcola) we caught 2 or 3 bull reds and some slots but we weren't really targeting them. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be around right now with this cool air and water temp. drop. I bet you could do pretty good right now in pcola pass and around pickins. Not sure about the red tide but this north wind does seem to have helped in the short term. I may try to fish that area tomorrow if its sunny out and I'll let you know if I go and do any good.
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