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Redfish Fly

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Can anybody tell what material this body is tied with? I've tried palmer chenille, different EP materials (Andradromus Brush, Shrimp Dub Brush etc). They look fine...and I'm sure would catch fish. However, I'm just curious as to what this body material is.

Sometimes I get in this mode where I want to replicate the fly exactly...that probably makes sense to a lot of you. Not get it close but get it exactly the same.

Thanks and tight lines. Hope to see ya'll soon.


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looks like different sizes of tinsel. maybe applied with a hair stacker like you'd make a popping bug and then trimmed to shape? Just a guess.
edit. now that I think about it I think I saw something in the Orvis store in Kansas City that looked similar and you could palmer it on for the body
Looks like deer hair and mylar.

If you need a deer tail, I'd be glad to help charge. The long white hair would have to be from the tail and probably the brown as well.
Yes, mylar! Like we used to add to spinner bait skirts.
you probably already know these tricks but when working with mylar if it gets static electricity and starts flying all over the place rub it with a fresh fabric softener sheet and then wet your fingers and stroke the strands back together
1/64'' &/or 1/32'' holographic flashabou mixed with something else. Looks like bucktail or a synthetic material similar to it.

Looks like the leftovers all over the floor of the tying shop I work at. Haha. Cool fly for sure.
Thafish has it right. I have some of it in my box
Deer hair and flashabou

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