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Red Tide or Is it Worth Taking the Yak Out

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My Prowler has been hanging on the rack for the past couple of months. I was thinking about going down and checking the grass flatsby Eglin AFB and held off because of the red tide. Has the red tide killed everything around Ft Walton/Eglin? This is the time of year that I really like to get out on the water and I haven't had any flounder all year.

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While I'm not a yak fisherman, the winter tides are showing up and on low tides many of the cuts/slews/creeks meandering back thru the spartinagrass offer a great opportunity for someone that doesn't mind exploring these hard to get to spots. AND i see no evidnce of Red Tide in these areas. i think Upper escambia and Blackwater are fine!

I was out yesterday atlow tide, upper escambia, caught a couple of short reds and a nice flounder, BUT i couldn't get back into areasi could normally fish even using my small boat that floats in about a 1ft of water.

Ifused my wifes kayak and I couldhave gottento some these off beat spots/holes, but takes time and a willingness to esplore.

g luk!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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