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I'm admittedly not a fisherman and do more spearfishing...totally different game, BUT I've found that ability to stay on a spot has been a factor for us lately.

Case 1 - 4 guys, public numbers, only frozen squid for bait, outboard w/ no trolling motor. We limited out
Case 2 - 3 guys, same public numbers, frozen squid, some live bait, larger boat w/ inboard one week later. Caught 1 fish.

I'm thinking that my ability to stay backed into a spot w/ an outboard was a key factor. We had better luck when we could stay on the spot rather than drifting across the spot over & over. Sorry to hijack the conversation but I'd be interested in learning what most folks are doing in terms of drifting and or holding over a spot or not and most of all what the best boat technique is when targeting snapper.
The best generic advice I can give is smaller lb test flouro leaders longer (6'+) , smaller hooks and different bait. Yes frozen squid is my favorite bait but some days the fish don't want squid, they want pinfish or cigar minnows or pinfish or bonita chunks. I always have 2-3 types of frozen bait and live bait when I leave the pass. The stuff the fish don't care about is used for chum. Move around to different spots and fish the whole water column. One day we struggled to catch red snapper on the bottom, we were ready to head home, threw out some trolling rigs to make a pass over the wreck and head home and we had a quadruple hookup and landed 3 red snapper. Deepest plug was a stretch maybe 20' down. Bottom fish aren't always on the bottom!

Also, I cannot emphasize this enough, a trolling motor IS a game changer. I roll my eyes when I hear how you have to have this $1000 combo with fancy electronics yada yada, but the trolling motor is a huge advantage. I have never heard of anyone regretting purchasing one, I know it's expensive but do it ASAP. I tried convincing myself I didn't need it and all it did was make fishing more difficult and frustrating and waste a lot of time anchoring and reanchoring. I can't recommend one enough!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts