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I have seen people going crazyover these boiled nuts, so I tried them. Man, I couldn't get them things out of my mouth fast enough. I tried different ones with different spices, and still yuck!! I'll eat just about anything, but I'll have to stick to roasted. And yes I am from Kansas.

RiverGulfFshr (1/7/2008)
Ultralite...wife is from VA and they only eat dry roasted...she finds the boiled ones repulsive...i'm like "well, more for me"...

That is funny you say that. Everyone that I have ever met that is not from the deep southeast thinks boiled peanuts are gross and really are repulsive. Then you ask them if they have ever had one and they say no...I am with you Ultralite...more and more for us...:letsdrink
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