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I hate politics in general andI apologize for continually posting political fishing issues here, buthaving watched the government mismanagementour recreational fishery for years I cannot sit by without doing something. That said,if you are a recreational fisherman who is concerned about the way the Magnuson Stevens Act has affected the way NMFSmanages our recreational fishing seasons (closures for red snapper, amberjack, grouper etc.)here is your opportunity (Yes, Eugene that includes you :))to comment to the Congressional Commitee who could actually initiatelegislation to the law that NMFS states is forcing the closures (the Magnuson StevensAct).

The letter below is reportedly from atlantic coast (south carolina) charter operatorswent to DCto speak to Congressional representaives. Apparently, the Atlanticsnapper closure has not been delivered to the Secretary ofCommerce yet. There is now movement to amend the Magnuson Stevens Act to provide more flexibility so that closures of fishing like amberjack and snapper in the gulf are not immediate.There is a Congressional committe in session now now and they are accepting comments. Please write!

Note you only have 7 days left to comment so I recommend you do it now if you care to.

<SPAN class=post>To All Concerned Fishermen,

I went to Capitol Hill yesterday on your behalf to make testimony before the Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife in regards to the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Management Act and it?s re-authorization in 2006 and the harm it is causing or going to cause to our industry

I have attached links below that are important at the end of this e-mail. There is an audio of this meeting and written testimony from each panel yesterday 10/27/09 member. If you want to listen to the testimony and the questions asked by the subcommittee members just click on the audio button. If you want to read the submitted written testimony from any of the panel members simply click on their name.

I feel like some progress was made and this could turn the tide of events that have taken place over the past two years. We were told at the very end of this meeting by Chairwoman Bordallo that if anyone wanted to make comment on this hearing in regards to the Magnuson- Stevens Conservation Fisheries Management Act that we had ten days to do so.

This particular issue is the root of many of our problems with fisheries management and needs to be addressed by everyone that has concerns or a stake in this industry. We the fishermen need to stand together now and submit our concerns to Chairwoman Bordallo and the subcommittee members to ask for their help in moving forward any bills or legislation that may help to change the (MSA) back to a law that actually benefits the resource by implementing justifiable laws and not laws that are created from a mandated short term time frame that has caused regulators to rush the decision making process and produce unsubstantiated scientific fisheries documents that have no basis or grounds for their implementation.

I spoke with Katherine Romans this morning and she is the person to send your comments through. She said that it is extremely important that you write your own personal testimony of what is happening to you and your business and/or how this is affecting you, because of the way the (MSA) is written. I believe this is very impacting especially with a personal touch and submit your comments to Madam Chairwoman Bordallo through Katherine Romans at the e-mail address listed below that I have provided.

If you do not fish for a living and you receive this e-mail, you can still respond to this or forward it on to people that will be affected.
Alright it?s time for you to DO YOUR PART. Don?t hesitate we may NEVER have this chance again!


Capt. Mark Brown

Charleston, SC

Click on a name for their personally submitted testimony at the hearing or listen to the audio bite just posted this morning at this link!

<A href="" target=_blank jQuery1256914276232="177"></A>

Make written comments to Chair Woman Madeline Z. Bordallo within the ten day time period to;

Madeleine Z. Bordallo


Subcommittee on Insular Affairs,

Oceans and Wildlife

Send comments to Katherine Romans and she will submit them to Chairwoman Bordallo;

Katherine Romans

Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans and Wildlife

Committee on Natural Resources

U.S. House of Representatives

187 Ford House Office Building


Romans, Katherine [email protected]
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