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A wise poster on here once told me the best way to charge your marine batteries is @ 4,000 RPMs, South of Pensacola Pass. I totally agree.

So, we grabbed our new tackle from Outcast and made our first trip of 2010. There was 4 of us, including one of my daughters. (Yes, she skipped school. My bad.)

Didn't find any keepers, but not for lack of trying. Tried barges, reef modules, natural bottom and a tug.

Snapper, red grouper, undersized scamp & trigger & AJ: all but one returned to the bottom. Hate when those fat snapper can't get oriented and float off. Tried to help it for a while, to no avail.

The Gulf was as close to perfect as you cold get: wave height 1' MAX, gentle breeze, easy current. By afternoon the current was non-existent and the huge snapper were on fire. Very easy to keep position.

Getting a pic of this smile on my daughter who loves to fish, PRICELESS!


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Wait a dern minute, call the PNJ.......! Ya'll caught the elusive endangered Red Snapper???:letsdrink

Glad Ya'll had a good time and caught some fishies.......Way to skip your daughter out w/ ya, she'll treasure that!:letsdrink
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