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SOLD. Sold sold thanks PFF maxfold !!! !!!!!!!!!Have a complete? set of climbing,rapelling gear .two climbers Jumar/Fritschi,swiss 1100 lbs ,three figure eight line controllers, CMI ,four cabiners?spring loaded ,REI ,two cabiners lock style , Kong 2200kg ,belt from Weatherfords, Misti Mountain ,two lengths of rope backpack,Jando Mountaneering , and large milsurp bag ,belt style firstaid kit,Ski Patrol .,I do not rapel or climb got in trade .selling $120.00 trade are open ( no exwifes or children just the usual stuff) .thanks will post pics later,i can text pics ,850-554-5529 maxfold. Drop in price now $120.00 (will pull add on sunday)maxfold thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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