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After installing Tigress outrigger mounts was wanting to try them out. Did a test run about 12 miles out to cypher these outriggers.

Lesson 1: Best to rig them at the dock and tie them down for the run out. Balancing on the gunnel isn't fun in 2'ish seas.

Lesson 2: Trolling isn't as productive as bottom fishing.

Lesson 3: Trolling IS MUCH EASIER than bottom fishing. Once set we watched sat TV and chilled. No running about baiting hooks, releasing fish, cutting bait, etc.

We caught an Almaco of all things and had some mystery knockdowns. Can't wait to hit the nipple (always like the nipple), the spur, and Oriskany wreck.

All things considered, did not suck. Ya'll stay safe and don't lick any doorknobs!
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