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QUestion for Ginzu

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Hey Im having trouble finding the post where you explain the harness system you use. Its really hard on my gimp knee when I drag the yak . I figure if I spread the weight around more it will make things better. I had your number in my old phone and for some reason it didnt transfer over to my current one.
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I'm new to yak fishing & that haul across the beach is the only downside I've found thus far. Don't mind so much going out but can be a real bear when I'm going home sometimes.

I have one of those cheapie carts and wondering where along the length of the kayak most like to center their carts for ease of transport across the sand? More to the middle balance point of the yak or more to the rear? I've been experimenting a bit & trying to figure out what works best. (or does it even make any difference when it comes to dragging those little wheels through the sand?)
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