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QUestion for Ginzu

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Hey Im having trouble finding the post where you explain the harness system you use. Its really hard on my gimp knee when I drag the yak . I figure if I spread the weight around more it will make things better. I had your number in my old phone and for some reason it didnt transfer over to my current one.
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I took the shoulder harness off one of my old golf bags. I run it through the front handle and drag it with my shoulders. I don't think it will take pressure off your knee, it was more to alleviate the wear and tear on my hands and arms.
My wheels are upgraded I think to 24 or 28? Big wheels make a huge difference dragging that bitch across the sand.
I have tried moving the cart around and it didn't make much difference. Seems best spot is just behind center of the yak. That's with a PA that can reach 200lbs with a cooler loaded with fish.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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