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Question about deer mounts

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What would be about the average price in this area to get a deer head stuffed and put on a basic mount?? I have never shot a deer, and told myself, that if my first deer was a 6 point or better I would pay to have it mounted. I just dont know how much i need to plan on forking out for it. Also do you need to clean the deer any different when you are getting the head stuffed or just do everything the same as always. Do pictures of the deer help out as well to give to the taxidermist?? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure about the cost for a shoulder mount around Pensacola but I'd say at least $500. If you can get video or pictures of the deer when it was might be helpful but certainly not necessary. Photos are more for fish. As for trophy care and preparation, it is very important to get the hide off the critter and get it cool and or salted asap. When you go to remove the hide, cut down the back of the neck using caution not to shave off the back of the hair folicles. Unless you are pretty experienced, leave turning the ears, lips, and eyes to your taxidermist. When you make your initial cut when you first field dress the deer, do not go all the way to the brisket, this leaves plenty of "material" for the taxidermist to work with. You should also cut down the back side of the front legs, down to the first joint, then cut around the radius and work up toward the face. Good luck on getting what you are looking for, James
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I had my first 8 point done that I shot in Missouri..The lady who did the work was a state champion...I had it mounted on a piece of Walnut cut in the shape of an arrow head, ..

Total price 350 I beleive.

Like the man said..leave the cape plenty long enough ..that is the skin/ hide below the neck and back and along the shoulders. a good 18 inches below the neck.
I emailed the guy who did the the mounts in this thread:

and he said about$350 for a shoulder mount. Email him and ask for ball park pricing and what you need to do. He sent me some stuff on how to dress the deer and where to make the cuts for keeping the head for mounting.
The key is to make the decision on a taxidermist now. Contact him/her and ask them exactly how they want to handle it. Last season the going rate in Missouri (award winning taxidermist) was $375 for a should mount on walnut or cherry backboard. I shoot the deer and field dress, call him on the cell phone and he meets me at the shop and takes care of skinningthe deer then I would take the meat.

Here's a guy in Alabama, $325 for a plain shoulder mount. I don't have any experience with him, but pricing seems reasonable and pics look good.
You have several taxidermist out there and I prefer Chad Cooper (Coopers Taxidermy in Chumuckla)...He did my 8 last year fer 375.00 I think, basic mount is 350.00 but call him up..I put a few of his works on here already. he is a great guy and has a beautiful showroom. he will be doing about 3 more fer me this year!!!:letsdrink:letsdrink:letsdrink
<DIV style="BORDER-RIGHT: #7f9db9 0.75pt solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 6pt; BORDER-TOP: #7f9db9 0.75pt solid; PADDING-LEFT: 6pt; BACKGROUND: white; PADDING-BOTTOM: 6pt; BORDER-LEFT: #7f9db9 0.25pt solid; PADDING-TOP: 6pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: #7f9db9 0.75pt solid"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">This is one of those items that fall in the category of "You Pay For What You Get". I've got 17 or so mounts in my house so I've got a little experience with taxidermist. The biggest thing to know with taxidermists is each one has their own style. So if you get a mount done by one guy because it was cheap and then later get a mount done by another guy who has a good reputation they are not going to look the same beside each other. That cheap mount will definitely stand out. In other words pick your taxidermist out and keep him. Go with someone who has some experience and has been around for a good while?.they aren?t going anywhere anytime soon and all your mounts will match up and look great together.<P style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-RIGHT: 0in; BORDER-TOP: medium none; PADDING-LEFT: 0in; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0in; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; PADDING-TOP: 0in; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; mso-border-alt: solid #7F9DB9 .75pt; mso-border-left-alt: solid #7F9DB9 .25pt; mso-padding-alt: 6.0pt 6.0pt 6.0pt 6.0pt"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">On a personal note Istarted usingMichael Cole a few years ago when I moved back to Milton from living inNorth Alabama. He has done several mounts for me from deer, to pheasant, to turkeys. I have been very impressed with his mounts and his drive to improve himself. He is a perfectionist by heart and continues to put out better and better mounts every year. He has some reallyawesome stuff and ideas. He is also a Christian, a dad, and a great husband. I think that also says a lot about who he is as well. You will not go wrong by choosing him to do your mount. I looked at some of the othertaxidermist from Mobile over to Crestviewbut felt like the higher prices were helping pay for high dollar shops and employee overhead...not because the mount was better quality. Michael, his dad, and brother do all their own stuff and each put their own touch into it. Which 1 keeps overhead down and 2 means you are getting something that they put their own stamp of approval on. Good Luck with whom ever you choose.</DIV><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #1f5080; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-bidi-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA">
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As mentioned above, know what type of work someone does as that is what you are paying for, and it matters more than anything else.

I hunt with the Taxidermist that does all of Jeff Foxworthy's personalworkand for his Plantation. He is Unreal in his ability to recreate a living animal. I have never seen anything to match his work. I get alot of heat from other hunting buddies about how long he keeps my deer, but I will not take them anywhere else. He currently has a deer that will be done in 2 weeks that I killed in Jan. of 06, it scored 157 B&C, and I couldn't be happier. The mount is going to be in an aggressive posture, head down and ears tucked back, just as he was when I took the fatal shot that killed him. He doesn'ttake that long on all his work, but I will wait as long as he needs me too, and it is well worth it, and the cost should be looked at the same way.

I hope this helped, and good luck.
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cost is relevent. You get what you pay for. Find someone who does great work and go with him or her.
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