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Hello Forum members, what a response on this incredible deal, folks have found out that these are going for way below wholesale. We have more of these and remember no one pays until I get to Pensacola with the reels. I will be bringing the reels over in about a week. Again just let us know if you would like to reserve 1 or 2 of these. This is going to beapre spring special thatyou will notfind anywhere, not at BassPro, Cabelas, Academy, GBB&T, HotSpot's or Outcast. 30 size $65.00 40size $69.00 They are$139.99 plus tax everywhere else. Pensacola will be the place where we will hand out all the reels, anybody that spends time on the PensacolaFishing forum that cant make it there from out of town, we will ship a reel to you for free anywhere in Florida,Louisiana, and Georgia, Also anyone in Florida or Louisiana willnot pay any sales tax. Give us an email or you can call

Thanks Grouper Snupper
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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