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Hello forum members, If you are looking to gear up on some high quality inshore reels this yearI have a little info to pass on, I have new in the box (Quantum Catalyst PTS) inshore spinning reels. I have them in 30 and 40 size. These reelscurrently at BassPro and Cabelasare $139.99, with taxthey would be $149.78, we have them for $65.00 for the 30 and $69.00 for the 40, We also have the (Quantum Tour PT) inshore reels, we have these in 20 and 40 size these reels currently at BassPro and Cabelas are $239.99,for the 20 and 249.99 for the 40,with tax the 20 size would be $255.98, and the 40 size would be $267.48we have them for $138.85 for the 20 or the 40. if enough of the reelsare wanted, Icanpack them up in 1 big boxand send them to P,cola for free, and then you guys could meet to divide them up. OrI am also about to make a trip home to p,cola tovisit my brother that taught at Escambia Highschool, and Iwill bring all ofthe reels with me, that wayno onepays any tax or shipping. Someone get in touch with Capt Wes Rozier and let him also know that I have these.

You can give me a call if you like 770-355-1484

Thanks Snupper
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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