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I was going to build this one as a HB Target Rifle, nut life struck again and now it's just another general purpose fun gun.

I did however want to hunt a bit with it, hogs and maybe deer, and wanted to be able to stabilize 74gr bullets without losing anything with the standard 55gr, so I'm putting a 1:8 barrel in this one.

PSA AR-15. Complete Blemished Lower, Magpul MOE

Machined from Aluminum Forgings 7075-T6
Hardcoat Anodizing: MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
Milspec Diameter Receiver Extension
Magpul MOE Stock
Magpul MOE Polymer Trigger Guard
Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
Staked M4 Lock Nut
Standard Carbine buffer
Un-notched Hammer compatible with 9mm use
Caliber: Multi

PSA 16" Complete Upper, Mid-Lenth 5.56 1:8 Stainless Steel with BCG and Charging Handle.

416 Stainless steel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1/8 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a mid-length gas system. A2-style profile barrel is finished off with a standard handguard, F-Marked gas sight base, and A2 flash hider.

Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is machined to MIL-SPECS and hard coat anodized. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.

Full-auto profile bolt carrier group. Milspec Carpenter No. 158® steel bolt, Shot Peened, High pressure tested, Mag particle inspected, Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications, Fastened with Grade 8 screws, and Staked Per Mil-Spec. 8620 steel M-16 profile carrier is chrome lined and phosphate coated.


Went down to my local range/FFL today and picked up the Lower.
It was sold as a blemished, but danged if I can find the blemish, unless maybe it is some hard to notice tool chatter marks in the trigger assembly well.
Whatever, aesthetically it looks freaking great in every aspect.

I brought my S&W M&P15 and mated it's Upper on it to check function.
Ran a 30rd mag over it, consistent solid hits on steel human silhouettes from 200-400 yards, it ran smoothly, no hiccups.
I'm very pleased with that, and look forward to getting the Upper which is due to deliver on Tuesday.

More pics to come.
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Have you looked at the .223 Wylde set up ? I just built this one. Mine was a blemish PSA lower as well can't find a thing wrong with it. I have been really pleased with PSA they make great components.


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The Upper arrived Tuesday but I've been too busy to do anything.
Today I got off work a little early and took the chance to hit the range real quick and do a 25 yard sight-in before having to run and pick up the family for dinner.
Still need to sight-in properly, but I'll need more than 30 minutes range time.

25 yard Initial Sight-In

A couple quick sight adjustments.

25 yard unsupported fast mag dump
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