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Purposed snapper season, my comments to FWC.............

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Well, I finally did it. I wrote FWC about how I feel about the snapper season. Probably won't do any good, but it felt good to vent. Here is a copy of what I sent.

:usaflagSirs:</DIV></DIV>I have been fishing out of Destin for over 10 years. Over the years, I have seen the bag limit for red snapper go from 5 to the purposed limit of 2. I'm sure that this is an attempt to limit the number of snapper taken.</DIV></DIV>During the 10 year period I've been coming to Florida, I have 1.bought a summer home in Florida $100,000 + 2. bought a $10,000 boat, 3. spent countless 1000's of dollars in Florida on gasoline, food, bait, and fishing Charters. In other words, my fishing habit is good for the State of Florida and the local economy.</DIV></DIV>On any given day of fishing, I spend at least $150 in the State of Florida. If the snapper season is shortened, so will my fishing days. </DIV></DIV>I see that the purposed size on the commercial snapper is reduced to only 13". It sure takes a lot of 13" snapper to make up 100#"s.</DIV></DIV>During the last 5 years, I have taken nearly 100% of the daily limit when fishing out of my private boat. During the last 2 years, I've noticed that there are keeper size snappers all season long on public reefs and natural bottom. </DIV></DIV>I've seen/talked with several charter/headboat captains in the Destin, nobody talks of a shortage of snapper. The biggest shortage is a lack of paying anglers, due in a large part to the reduced limits. Several boats have gone out of business, more are sure to follow this next season. A friend in the headboat business tells me that his business is down 40%, not enough business to pay all the expenses.</DIV></DIV>The Destin rodeo won't be able to have a "red snapper" catagory this fall if the season is as purposed. This will have a negatave impact on the Rodeo.</DIV></DIV>Why not make the regulations more like the Atlantic? Perhaps a limit of 2 snapper year around. The overall take on snapper probably wouldn't be any more.</DIV></DIV>Thanks for reading my observations.</DIV></DIV> :clap Sea-r-cy :clap</DIV>
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Very well put!:clap If a poll was taken of everyone (fishermen)on the gulf coast...lot of truths, especially the outlay going to the state of Florida & the local economy. Maybe one day...:hoppingmad
It is so dumb. Like you said there is no shortage of snapper, andalot of times they are too thick to get to anything else.There is one spot that we floated off like a quarter mileand they were still every drop. THe commercial limit of 13 inches is good because almost all the fish they catch die anyway.
agree well put :clap

and ask anyone who dives on the gulf coast there is no shortage of snapper
I commend you for your efforts. I agree with you about there being no shortage of snapper. I just started saltwater fishing in March. Even with my inexperience and no private reefs I've never had an issue finding and catching snapper.

If you would like to make your letter stronger. Add the names of the charter boat that have gone out of buisness, talk to those in charge of the Destin Rodeo and try to estimate the financial loss to the economy due to the new regs, find scientific proof (through a source other than fisherman) that the snapper is not on decline. Then send it to every politician between you and your senators, then get as many people as you can to do the same thing.
Nice job on the letter maybe someone will get the hint!!!!!

That's a good letter but you need to send it to the National Marine Fishery Service, SE Division and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. They are the ones that made the ruling.

The FWC refused to follow the interim rule which was in effect last year but it looks like they will conform to the federal regs when it goes into effect this year.

We had our best year for snapper in 2007 as well at least until the red tide hit in October. The biologist know there are plenty of snapper but their data shows that most of the fish are 1-3 years old and thus overfished. The fish that make up their database come from public spots and well known natural reefs that are overfished. Anyone with private spots has no problem catching decent sized fish.
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