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I have some PS2 and PS3 games I have I'd like to sell- our PS3 finally bit the big one- one of the first serise PS3 stations. It might work for a little while and then freeze up. And sometimes it doesn't work at all. I'm not planning on buying a new one- so, I'm getting rid of it all.
Anyone that wants the player and games let me know. Game station has 2 working controllers and 4x charging station.
Games include a few of the Need For Speed Games, and a couple others.
The games on hand include:
Need for Speed Undercover (PS3- used, est value $10)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (PS3- used, est value $10)
WarHawk (PS3- used, est value $6)
AceComat 04 (PS2- used, est value $3)
Leggo Star Wars Video Game (PS2- used, est value $2)
(I'll find the rest later)

Any interested parties PM me.... I know its now worth a lot- and I will take any reasonable offer.
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