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Protecting the bottom of my yak

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I have an Ocean Kayak which I use quite a bit. However, I don't have one of those wheeled carts so the yak doesnt have to be dragged to the water. I have noticed quite a few shallow scratces on the bottom and wonder if there is something that can either be sprayed or rolled on the bottom of it for protection.

They arent deep enough to really be of any concern about leaks or weak spots, but I wonder if over time they will affect the tracking and speed. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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I've used gatorglide and steelflex on my aluminum duck boat, and im sure you could use it on a yak too. There is another epoxy type coating called coat it. I've never used coat it, but it has kevlar in it so it sounds like a good deal and maybe something your looking for.
Good info, but I have to point out the irony in a guy named "Wad Shooter" telling a UF fan to use GatorGlide.
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