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Prop question ,

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Can anyone tell me if itis normal for a stainless prop 19 pitch to show rust, pitting, and cracks , that is only 6 m0. old ?The boat is pulled after every trip and washed, along with prop. This prop has only been in salt water 8 times in the last six mon. and they have been day trips only, boat has been pulled after each trip.
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No, it is not normal. Sounds like you got a bad batch of 304 stainless without enough nickle in it. The cracking is chloride stress cracking and will come apart on you and cause a very bad day indeed.
I see rust on Stainless props all the time, especially ones that are not polished. The pitting would could be from cavitation. Cracks I would consider a problem. What brand is the prop?
sos, the prop is a yamaha, 2007, I went to Destin marine this morning, and they said there was a fault in the casting ,theywould ordera new one.
Talked with Bruce today,said Starns would take care of me .These are really good people,honest,

reliable.I would highly recommend them to any one looking to buy a yamaha .:bowdownAt least check them out.
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