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Glastron 18ft bowrider $500 obo

Let me tell your A little history behind this project. My aunt bought the boat new in 1989 and used it on the lake in Missisippi. They had A bad thunderstorm in2000 and sunk the boat at the dock. The insurance company replaced the engine with A crate motor and they used it one more summer. The kids went off to school and the boat sat until 2006 when me and my cousin decided to buy it and fix her up. It had been sitting under the tree at the farm so you know what the the interior was like.

We pulled her home to Gulf Breeze and started it on fresh gas. Ran a little rough so we changed the plugs , fiters and such. I decided I wanted out to get A center console and gave my half to him. He did some interior work and such. He ran the boat one season and the carb needed some work and he had it done. Ran ok for a little and started acting up again. He upgraded to A new boat and gave the Glastron to his brother where it sits now.

It sits on A steel channel trailer with new tires. It has a new starter, fairly new crate engine chevy v6 4.3 four barrel with A good outdrive.The hull is in great shape and I believe the gelcoat could be brought back to life if you wanted to fix her. When we used this boat it handled as good as any ski boat I had been on and was pretty fast. 60 mph I know A little about engines and can tell its probably not an internal issue. I will get some picks up this afternoon.

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