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Big pond (Offshore) yesterday, and lil' pond today w/ Logan:toast

I picked him up from school and headed to the pond this afternoon. Logan caught the 1st bass and it was a purty nice 1!!!:toast

He was purty proud and I told him that he caught the 1st un but I'll catch the biggest un!!! He said "right dad"....We'll I threw in every direction and it didn't seem that I was going to get 1 but finally I SCORED!!! And boy what a hause!!!!</p>


Camera tricks!!!! Looks MUCH better this way!


I think Logan was feeling bad fer me and he started to slack off of fishing....He was messing around eating Skittles, and trying to tip the boat over so I'd fall in:toast after a trip around the pond, I chunked over to some of the million lilly pads and while reeling up, my line got tight....I pulled a little and it felt like a stump so I twitched it and it pulled back so I set the hook......BOY was I surprised!!! A big ole gal on the other end She put up a nice fight but when I dragged her in she was smaller then I thought but she was still a beautiful fish. She had already spawned and had a flabby belly!!! All bass were caught on Zoom trick worms, I was using June Bug and Logan was using Tequila Sunrise (I think)...No camera tricks on this un!!!

I also caught this un that was about 2.5 hours on the pond and 4 fish total....Not much but it was fun fer me and Logan!!!


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