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Primos Cameras

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These are the best cams for the $ I have ever used. Sayimg that I'm upgrading to the ultra series and I need to move these to buy those. So heres my deal.

Prices are firm
2 Primos 35 - Sold
1 Primos 60 - $100
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4 D batts. Good for 5000+ pics depending how you set it up.
No sd cards and I may have usb cable or two.

Located in Milton.

Both 35's have dibs pending payment.
Both 35's are sold.

Truth 46 still available. $100.
Haha. Yep. Good for keepin tabs on the old lady too! You will like them cams. Everyone I have runs great.
You have a 60 in the picture. That for sale?
Dang your right. Yes it's forsale.
Yeah I'll let it go for $100.
1 - 10 of 16 Posts
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