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Found a good deal on some of those Extra Thick 2" Pork.
Chops at Costco, $1.49/lb plus take $3.00 off at the register.
I picked up several flats, six beautiful chops per flat.
Picked the best for today's dinner and packaged the rest for the freezer.

Put together a nice brine and bagged them to sit overnight.
A good brining and/or brine injection really makes for some moist/juicy chops.
As long as you don't overcook'em, you'll never eat a dry chop again.

6C water
6T kosher salt
A generous handful each of mixed peppercorns, dried onion flakes, granulated garlic and Oregano.

15 hours later I pulled them out of the brine and heavily dusted them with an equal parts mix of Lawry's seasoned salt, pork rub and an herb mix.

Fired up the smoker, 200°-225° with a mix of Hickory and Mesquite.
Gave them about an hour and a half of smoke, pulled them with an IT of 115°.
Nice Color

From there on to a screaming hot grill, get a good sear to an IT of 140°-142°.
Driving the Neighbors Crazy

To go with these portly specimens of pork chops, I made some Hasselback Potatoes and Grilled Squash/Zucchini.

Recipe Link>>> Hasselback Potatoes

I've seldom finished one of these big boys in one sitting.
But these were so danged good and juicy that next thing I know I'm gnawing on a bone.


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