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Pontoon Boat(aluminum) guru needed

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My pontoons have water in them and there is no damage. I believe the bottom has a bad design. It's a Lowe 2006. The very bottom has a v design "crip) of sorts, running the entire length of the boat. This is where water must be getting in. Is there an aluminum boat guru around that can tell me what I need to do? There are plugs in the top of each chamber to remove water with some sort of pump.

help Please!
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Then pressurize to find the holes.

That is what I would suggest. The boat will need to be lifted in order to do a good exam on it.

BUT Do not go putting any serious pressure in those pontoon's. It doesn't take much and I'm talking about 1 1/2PSI.

You would be surprised at the extreme pressures you get with 1 1/2PSI.
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