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pompano fishing

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When is the best time to catch pompano and how? I bought a banana shaped jig last yearand I'm sure the folks at the tackle shop laughed like hell when I left. I go to OB a couple times a month and lots of times in the winter and early fall cant get my littleboat out to fish in the gulf. Would love to try some for some of these. Thanks
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Best baits for pompano include sand-fleas, cut claims and fresh shrimp peeled. Baits are fished two or three at a time via dropper rig consisting of wide gap hooks or circle hooks that facilitate hook penetration in a sand spike. Specialized sinkers for surf fishing include, flat bank sinkers for calm surf days, pyramid sinkers, and spider sinkers that have retractable legs for ruff days. I've had luck with sitting the bait on the sand bar and in the valley between the sand bars where the surf goes out. Good luck.
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