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pompano fishing

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When is the best time to catch pompano and how? I bought a banana shaped jig last yearand I'm sure the folks at the tackle shop laughed like hell when I left. I go to OB a couple times a month and lots of times in the winter and early fall cant get my littleboat out to fish in the gulf. Would love to try some for some of these. Thanks
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Don't laugh at a Doc's Goofy Jig. I did when I first saw one down in Tampa when he first sold them. It didn't take long to learn to respect them as a legitimate Pompano(and other fish) fishing tool.

They are deadly, especially with a teaser. Often, the teaser will be hit rather than the jig itself. Frequently, you will catch a fish on both the teaser and jig.

Fish it along the bottom, trying to create 'magic spurts of sand'. I have seen people put a sweetener on them, but I feel that is unnecessary.

Colors? The usual Pompano colors of (white, yellow or a combination of), chartreuse and hot pink. You may have to paint the chartreuse and hot pink yourself. JMHO C2
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