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Nice post Mitch!!!

We fished very hard this weekend too. Went to bed early Friday night after leaving Drew's house. We were awake by 430 and on the water by 5. When we left the bayou and hit the bay it was rough and dark. We headed out to try my new cast net. The water was so rough it was impossible to see the bait. Luckily we had bought some live shrimp. After about 1 hour of fishing we were out of 4 dozen shrimp. The bite was on. We had limited out on gray snapper and caught a large variety of fish but no winners. We headed to sand island to cook breakfasts and let the dogs run. Found some bait on the island. Cast net works great. We are back in business . Went to a spot Jamie told us about, continued to catch fish non stop until we were out of bait again. Several keepers but no winners.

Caught some more bait, went to the pass, did some trolling. Heather managed to catch a buoy with a stretch. Anchored up and started chumming looking for kings or spanish. It was an aquarium besides our boat. Heather managed to hook up on a huge spanish. She was not able to land it (the one that got away). Continued to fish until 7 then made the run back to the Bayou. Heather said we caught 150 fish!!!!

Early morning again Sunday much rougher than Saturday. Launched at Sherman Cove headed to the pass. It was too rough to get the fish coming up with the chum. We sat for awhile and watched all of the boats make the u-turn after trying to run the pass. We headed to more protected waters fished until 11. Nothing worth taking to the scales. Heather had to hit the books so we called it a day.

We had a GREAT weekend. I would like to thanks to all of the Pirates for putting on a great event.
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