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The old forum needed a HTML tags to show pix's.

The new forum uses IMG tags.

This means that if you drag pix's from the old forum and paste them on the new forum page they will not display without a little tweaking.

I will inject - between the lettering to show how this is displayed. The - are to fool the forum so you can see how it actually looks. They should NOT be there when you want to post a pix. Otherwise you may see a red X.

Old forum

<-i-m-g- s-r-c-=" Paste pix here"->

New forum

[-i-m-g-] paste pix here[/-i-m-g-]

Now before you go telling me all about the pix processor. I don't use it. I use

This could be why the old forum would get so slow when a little over 100 people were on it. Pix's take up a lot of space.

PhotoBucket is free, unless you get like me. I pay $25 a year to host my pix's, as I have so many. [almost 1000 being hosted]

If I post pix's in this forum's pix processor, how would I post them on another forum?

This is to explain what is going on. By the way. The old forum is the only one I have seen the uses a HTML tag.

Good job on the new site Chris.
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