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We set up east of the peir about 6 or so last night. Got poles rigged and asked my brother in law to help me paddle out a sharkbait........... He agrees and hops in the canoe, " a little rocky huh? " yea, youve canoed before right? " no " oh
$&!^, well were here now. We get out 100 + yards and I said just keep paddaling east to hold us in the current while I get this thing down, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, man where is the bottom? I look over to see the peir to my due south and relize he has'nt been holding us but watching me and the line was screaming off because we were screaming out to sea. Get to paddaling, we are both more than cappable with upper body strenght to paddle up current, but holey crap what a work out.

Back to due north of our spot and by this time we are 300 yds off the beach, in the channel, good thing for no boat traffic last night. I drop it over and head for shore. Bout the time we beach it I relize 16 oz was'nt holding in that current. Crank in almost the full 400 yds I just had it spooled with and cooled down fro all the excitement, (stupidity) with a couple Bud Lights!. Bout Midnight we call it an evening with no such luck on anything accept hard head cats! Live shrimp, Pin fish and cut bonita for bait.

On the way home asked the wife if she mind me stopping in o the 3 mile bridge as we Have not been since before Ivan, I don't mind! Read on in the Piers and bridge section........................
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