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Pescador 12 vs. Emotion Stealth Angler 10

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I am looking at these two kayaks and am having trouble deciding which one to get. I have read lots about both and they both seem to be pretty good. I will be using it in the bay, in the gulf to paddle out shark baits and fish within a mile of shore. I am 6'1" and weigh 220. Thoughts?
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Don't know much about the Emotion, but the Pescador is a great all around entry level kayak. One thing to point out is 12' is the standard around here, 10' is not going to track very well. Best thing to do is test both.
Pescador. You will really appreciate having the extra two feet when you are paddling.
I have 2 and love them both they handle well and are comfortable. We use them in the gulf,bay and floating the river.
No question. Pescador. Built from the same mold as older Tarpon 120's, which are a very good fishing kayak design. As Bahen says, the longer boat will track better and save you effort.
Academy has the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 classic on sale which is an outstanding fishing kayak. I think they want $699 for it. Or, go see Bahen at Pensacola Kayak & Sail...
You can catch the pescador on sale at acadamy sports pretty often. I would suggest the 240cc paddle and no less than the 220cc.
If you can test them, do so. If not, go with a 12. If you get the 10, you'll like it but you'll be looking to upgrade sooner than later. The 12 should keep you satisfied longer.
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