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Well decided to go to ft Pickens for the weekend with my fiancé while she was down, and decided to do some fishing. Made up one leader, one rod, and a couple dead cigs. Wasn't really planning on doing any real fishing because I only had about an hour to do some. So I head out about 100 yards past the first bar and seen bait jumping out o the water everywhere. Put a cig on and through him over. Within 30 seconds something grabs, goes tight then nothing. It cut me off. So I haul ass back make up two more then head back out. Threw another cig on and dropped it down. Current took it so I reeled it in and right before I got it in a bonita came blasting out of the water for it. It was a sight. Dropped another cig down and I got that too familiar "eating" that a king does while it's trying to swallow the cig. So I let the line out and let him take it for a couple seconds then hook up. And as soon as I did he took off like a bat out o hell. 3 monster runs and I had yak side. I was a little sketched out about bring him in the yak lol. First thing I noticed was how heavy he was, I'm so use to grabbing fish by the tails and just throwing them in. This guy took some effort. Big fun.... By the way I'm 6ft

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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