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Well after a disasterous day on the water on Sunday, Barrett (B3245) got out today for a couple of hours. We began at roughly 10am. After finding no live shrimp in Orange Beach we settled for fresh frozen cup...

Well put in at Boggy Point and headed straight for the pass when the plans to anchor on the east jetty. We also had frozen squid...

Well Between Barrett and I we put out about 5 baits. It wasnt long before I got slammed on a chucnk of squid and reeled in a nice 21.5" redfish. In the box he went! Kept my bait and casred back out....Another bite and brought a 19" Black Drum to the boat! After that not another bight on squid.

I did manage a suprise today...A nice 15.5" pompano on fresh dead shrimp. A good sign of what is to come! I also caught a nice spot tail perch. Barrett had fun watching and netting and I want to add he did a good job of both...:moon

Anyway back on by 2pm and have dinner tonight! Pics to follow
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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