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Took out my kayak for the first time out of Beach Access #1 (right before Johnsons Beach). Went with a friend who usually sticks to inshore fishing in his yak. We snagged some menhaden after the breakers and I brought some frozen cigar minnows as well. I haven't really done much offshore fishing, so I was a little clueless on what exactly to do to target some spanish and kings. I took a Mustad King rig and put a cigar minnow on and started trolling. Ended up with 2 sharks after an hour or so of this. My friend snagged a lemon shark and one other that he didn't pull in.

Anything I can do to avoid these shark hookups and try to get some kings?

From being out there this morning there were tons of bait, sharks, and it was pretty windy.

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