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Me and Jonathan fished the pier this morning. Got there at 6:30 am. Bonitos were busting offshore but would never come in reach. A large school of bull Redfish came by and me and Jonathan hooked up.

After that was over Dow came out. We saw a handfull of Bonita finally come in reach and Jonathan was the only person to get one...the entire time we were there.

Clinton came out and joined the search for Bonito with me, Jon, and Dow. We never saw anymore Bonito come within reach but another school of Redfish came by. We all hooked up but, Clinton and another guy we don't know, lost there's because of a tangle up with each other. Five hookups but only 3 landed.

In between the Redfish school and searching for Bonito it was rather boring. So boring that we started messing around with the bowling ball jellyfish...which had baby Pompano in them.

Thats it. We left at 11:45 am and Darrel was walking out. I hope he caught something.

Dan, this one is for you. After I talked to you on the phone yesterday I told you we were heading to Ft. Pickens. Bluefish and Pigfish were all over the place + I caught 2 baby Gag Groupers on the white Gulp shrimp 1/4 oz jig head. Remember that conversation we had about Pigfish recently? This is what I was referring to.

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