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Prayers are with the family. Hope it wasn't a member. Heard on the early news this morning that a 46 year old Pensacola man drowned while trying to cross Little Lagon in Gulf SHores. Must have been at the bridge because the said the current swept him away. Wasn't much info other then what I posted.

It caught my ear because I know Badazzchef has been fishing there a lot lately but when they said the age I knew it wasn't him or any of the guys from work. :angel
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looked at WEAR and they dont have anymore than that.

<SPAN class=story_headline id=headline2>A Man Drowns In Gulf Shores, Alabama<P class=story_copy><SPAN id=text2>An investigation is underway in Gulf Shores after a man drowned in the heavy surf.

Yesterday afternoon the Gulf Shores Police Department responded to a drowning at Callaway Pass.

According to reports a 46 year old white male was pulled from the water.

EMS made several attempts to revive the man with no success.

His identity has not been released pending notification of relatives.<P class=story>Last Updated: <SPAN id=datestamp2>Sunday, October 21 2007, 09:38 PM
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