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Team Flatline (B3245 aka Barret and Myself) decided that we would leave our safe waters of Alabama and head over to get some use out of our Florida licenses. We decided to call Ultralight and pick him up off the infamous dock in search of some sheepies or other fin fare.

We left Galvez about 11:55am and picked up Mike at 11:57am LOL...we headed towards Theo Baars to check the pilings. We got to Theo baars in just a few minutes and lines in the water. Barret I think decided to change the team name to "oops I caught a piling" as he was fishing hard close to the make a long story short, a few stealers down there but no we left...

Wind was whipping and somebody had the dumbass audacity to suggest going to 3mb...that was shot down faster than a jello shot at a PFF get together...anyway towards Pickens we to the pass and saw a TON of birds dipping on bait. So we deployed the stretches...and we trolled and trolled make a long story hits...

On to Pickens...we joked that the white trout would fry up real nice. Again it was shot down faster than a Blue-Hoo fishing report.

Ok so we get to Pickens...we will disregard the problems the anchorman had but after a lengthy trial of getting anchored...well we were anchored and drifting perfectly to the pilings (10th time was a charm!)

Ok so lotsa promising bites with empty hooks to show for it. I finally got the idea to lay my rod on the gunwale to see any movement in the rod tip...after 15 minutes or so our first sheepie is in the boat! A 13" convict! Well sparing a story about many dozens of shrimp sacrificing their lives, Ultralight finally puts one in the boat! Barret has now changed his team name to "Wrap-apiling-damnit"...ahh well.

By now I boat another Sheepie...Barret has decided to quit his previous fishing team and start "how to lose a redfish in 10 seconds" this is clearly a good name for his new team the problem was that it clashed with "wrap-apiling-damnit" and the casualty was one strong pole bending drag ripping fish....gone...

Ok more drowned shrimp...I get a neat puffer...pic to follow...and the biggest, fattest and I mean FATTEST Pinfish I have ever seen he measures out at an astonishing 13.5 inches. Recipe and pics to follow...

Ok we boat another sheepie...Barret has now declared he has joined the tribe "DamnitIquit" and decides that it is time to go (we laughingly agree as it is getting late in the day)


4 sheepies

1 MONGO F'IN PinFish

1 pissed off puffer ( I am saving it for Kahala Boy) jk lol

ok uneventful ride back to the dock...we arrive and I see a visitor at the dock. A beggar and a thief with a mask to boot...he looks so hungry so we decide to give him the leftover pinfish from the livewell..he seemed thankful...hopefully I can write off my donation on taxes next year...

I tried to get him to sign my donation card but no luck

Anyway we get back to Galvez...and begin to prepare the boat for home. As we clean out bait a SWARM of gulls show up...I would guess 200! I tried to get a pic of one eating bait out of my luck so I decided to try and get one eating a fish out of midair...somehow I got it!

Yep that little thing in front of the bird to the far right is a pinfish!

Anyway here is the puffer:

Pretty little guy!

Then he got pissed off after I told him I knewa sushi chef!

Anyway what can I say...awesome day on the water...a little chilly but manageable...

On our way home Barret's honed survival skills kicked in and he spied a familiar figure in Winn-Dixie parking know what they say about Bama fans...They are the ultimate survivalists...I mean who else could live off a dead "bear" for 30 years?

On a serious note...Took the family out to eat tonight and as I was going up 59 N in Gulf Shores I spied a fishing rod in the turn lane on southbound 59. After freaking my wife out and making her turn around in a hurry, I came upon a mid-range trolling rod laying in the road. It has a broken tipbut a little road rash and thats all the damage it took. I am guessing it flew out of the back of someones boat. If somone on here can tell me what you are missingthen maybe I have it! If not I'll add it to the rod collection.

Sorry for the long post! Hope yall enjoyed it

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a welcomed post for mid winter.......Bet you were trying to make some racoon stew but couldn't get him Chris....:poke I guess you found the one fish I don't eat....would eat it if I knew how to clean it.....

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B3245 (2/1/2010)Well that about summed the day up right there...Had a great time. hope there is many more to come. Next time i'm bringing dynamite!!!!!!!!!!!!:hoppingmad
good post chef...enjoyed reading the unfolding events even though i was there...thanks for the invite barrett and just to hear you and chef jab at each other was worth it...
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