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up until yesterday the wind has been nice. the weather overall has been awesome. today what was suppose to be a windy day turned out really nice this morning.

we continue to hammer the sheephead. start out using whole shrimp until the bite is every drop then go to cut up shrimp. #2 circle hook with 3 oz sinker to get you to the bottom. fish the deep part of the pass, jetties, rocks at ft pickens and the ledge in the bay.

specks are moving out of the canals in the sound and working the flats. use mirrodine mirrolures and any topwater plug.

redfish are off the chart. today we caught them on the flats as well as in the gulf along the shore. inside the bay either blind cast or look for them along the shore line in the grass or sandy bottom. top water or spoons will take their fair share. in the gulf just look for what looks like a mud slick. any lure will hook up a fish.

also when fishing these big schools please do not run over them if others are fishing too. once you run over them you will spook the fish.

the SPANISH are here!!!! we hammered those forked tail critters this morning on top water plugs and had a great time.

ok get out there and get a tight line!

capt wes rozier


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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