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the beginning of april has been very good for catching fish even though we had to fight the FOG!!!!

we caught plenty of sheep head using 3 oz slip sinkers with 15lb leaders and #2 circle hooks using live shrimp. we fished the pass and the ledge in front of the light house. the spawn is almost over.

we caught plenty of 14 inch specks using a chug bug, 7m mirrolure and DOA's fishing over the grass flats in the sound.

redfish are still working the beach in the gulf. if you do not see them on the beach move out to the outer sand bar and look for them there. 1 oz jigs with hair or gulp work well.

spanish have gone crazy over top water plugs fished on the edges of the grass flats in the sound. fish up to 6lbs! make sure you have a 50 lb leader so you do not get cut off.

pompano showing up now. sand fleas or jig with short hair. orange and pink have been the death of the fish we caught the other day. 7 quality fish landed.

do not be surprised when you have a squid attack your top water plugs. they are everywhere.

tight lines!

capt wes rozier



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