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pensacola deer

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these really didn't come out as expected. sorry for the scrolling.some pics from the cam last night and today. this feeder wasput out 4 days ago, the piles on the ground are buck grub, buck bran, and some ground acorn stuff. can't remember the name exactly but, they killed the buck bran. the acorn came in next, then the buck grub wasn't really touched.
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Nice You should call Buck Bran and sell them an ad. :clap
First question is where can I buy it? Second is what is the best way to utilize it? (plant, poor, block to set up or spread it). I am not familiar with it.

Thanks Scott
they sell it at barnes feed store. they also recommend using it with the nocturnal nightmare feeder. i poured it out on ground and theytore up the buck bran. the acorn is also tore up, as the buck grub is still piled up. i think people also add these product to theirspin feeders mixed with corn.
if i put out the buck bran they kill it over night now.

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Great looking deer. I put out some of that buck bran last year and man they tore it up. It sure is cheaper and last longer if you mix it with your corn in feeders.
:letsparty Let the party begin... Looks like some good genes in those deer too...

these are the pics of the little deer we had a couple years ago,i had told a few of you guys the story.
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Isaw a buckabout the size of that first buck picturedstanding at the north end of the runway on NAS last Sunday. I passed by in my boat and he was grazing in the grassy area that is right next to the bayou.
i passed the biggest buck i have ever seen in florida on nine mile rd. about 100 yards west of the 4-h entrance friday night.
Hey whipper snapper/David im sitting here working with your step father. Just showed him the pictures of deer, Zac, grand children etc... Very cool pictures of the deer. Been getting a few on our game camera also but only at night!! My first year of bow hunting and the second deer I seen was the biggest buck I've ever seen in my life but wouldnt give me a shot!!! Sure makes it hard to sleep, work but easier to get up early in the mornings. Any how just wanted to say hey and good luck getting a good one this year...
tell daddy rock i said hey and good luck stalkin' them nanee goats. i just got another big un' on camera yesterday i will post when i get home.
What a suprise!! That poor deer has No Idea what's about to happen!!


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sorry for his loss......

some pics from yesterday morning and last night. the time and date are screwed.
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Dang, that is looking GOOD!!!:clap
looks like its about time to sit in that treestand.. good luck
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